About DecentDads.org

Decent Dads site was started by a Dad who spent 3 years fighting for custody of his two young children who were being subjected to both physical and emotional harm when they were with their Mother.

It was a long hard struggle with over 20 court visits including 3 trials but also a huge learning experience and intense emotional journey.  The hope is that by sharing some of these experiences, and creating a forum for other Dads to share their experiences, we may help someone else going through similar experiences that led to the creation of Decent Dads.

This site is here, primarily to support Dads who find themselves having to fight either for custody or simply meaningful contact with their children but ultimately anyone needing to fight to support children who are being subjected to either physical or emotional harm by a parent.

You may think that in this day and age that the combined resources of the police, Social Services and the education system ensure that children are safe.  The reality is that the Police and Social Services are stretched beyond breaking point and, ironically, education around this in schools is sadly lacking.

The information and help provided here is based on practical experience and, where relevant, additional information from legal, social and other specialists.  That said, we are not qualified solicitors and do not pretend to be so and if you are unsure you must always seek professional advice.

We hope to continue to give support by community of people who can help provide support through their own experiences so please contribute, either by asking questions or sharing your experiences.