If you find yourself needing to fight to see your children and particularly if you are worried about your children coming to harm when they are with their Mother, we can help.

Of course the best option is always to instruct a good solicitor but that costs money, lots of money, and there are other options.

Although I am not a solicitor,  I now have over 2 years of practical experience of fighting for, and winning, sole custody of my own children and I am ready to help where I can including:

  • Free initial chat on your personal situation and personal support
  • Helping draft correspondence whether to solicitors, court, Social Services etc
  • Advice on navigating the legal system if you are representing yourself
  • Acting as a “McKenzie Friend” during court appearances

Although I have to charge a fee for some services, my sole reason for setting us this service is to help those Dads and their Children who are not able to spend the tens, or hundreds of thousands of pounds to fight for their children.

You may be unsure whether this is right for you but I would encourage you to get in touch and find out – you have nothing to lose!