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    I’m worried my children are being harmed by their Mother – what can I do?

    There are two thinks you must do immediately.  First is to contact your local Children’s Services team (whoever you pay your council tax to has a Children’s Services team) and tell them of your concerns.  Secondly start a diary of EVERYTHING that appears remotely suspicious, including things the children have said.  Don’t interrogate the children or make them feel uncomfortable, just note it down.

    If you are still concerned you will need to apply to the courts – see the post “Making your first application” for more information.

    Do I have to use a Solicitor?

    No.  You can represent yourself in all court matters and there are resources (like this website) to help you.  However I would always recommend getting advice from a legal professional if you can – if money is an issue, there are creative ways of getting legal advice whilst doing most of the leg work yourself.

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